Why Choose Us

The CBI Group is offering a NO-Fuzz account for all Crypto Solutions under one roof in order to educate, equip and empower our members and participants to create wealth in a secure environment. Most African countries struggle to gain access to the Crypto World, due to KYC application requirements.

Easy Access to the Crypto Market

We have created platforms for

  • Trading- between fiat and crypto currencies,
  • Mining of a variety of coins- we manage this for you to give you the best ROI (return on investment),
  • Investment of Crypto- paid out at different intervals.

A combination of platforms that are so easy to use, that even the person who struggles to verify his/her account with other websites, due to lack of proof of a bank account or residence or doesn’t understand the intricacies of how the Crypto world works can now enter the crypto market with ease within minutes.

Security is Important to us

We have made sure your personal details are encrypted, thereby keeping your information private and secure at all times. The majority of the data is kept on various servers and platforms (thus making impossible for hackers to obtain your information) and no funds are kept within online wallets or on our servers.

Easy to use Websites

You can now trade, participate in different investment plans, do your Crypto mining, borrow or lend crypto, or make money through affiliate marketing, CBI, which incorporates all the other platforms from one website. The websites are designed in such a manner that they are mobile friendly. Soon these sites will operate from an App as well.

Easy Payment Structures (to or from)

We make deposits and withdrawals of Coins, Commissions and Payments very easy and as accessible as you can imagine. Just ONE Affiliate Programme for Multiple Income streams offered by CBI that pays on a basis, while commissions are paid instantly.