Business Opportunity

Our Vision

Wealth Creation through Crypto Based Innovation.

Our Mission

Championing the 4th industrial revolution in developing nations through information, education and training of innovative strategies for wealth creation through crypto based innovative applications. While membership to the CBI Association is open to all and membership fees are limited to the absolute minimum, the Association is not advertising its membership in the general markets because basic transference of skills and guidance is still required as blockchain and crypto currency is still a very unfamiliar subject and strange to most people, especially those of the developing world. The Association will therefore still need Wealth Creators to assist the new members to familiarise themselves with the website, the various applications and how to open and operate a crypto wallet. We have therefore adopted the attitude of “each one teach one”.  Members pay a small additional fee whenever he/she participates in any product supplied by the Association and these fees are then distributed in accordance to a predetermined way amongst those educators or what we term: “WEALTH CREATORS”. Being a “WEALTH CREATOR” does NOT guarantee any income or similar to that of other Wealth Creators, but is based on your initiatives, application of the knowledge and skills we shared with you as well as your commitment and dedication towards your team. We are applying the basic principles of affiliate and network marketing although it is possible to earn much more than someone who became a Wealth Creator before you, as our structures are NOT determined by a “first come first serve” basis, but rather your commitment and devotion to your own success.

The Business Opportunity

In order to qualify to become a Wealth Creator, you enrol as a Wealth Creator which enables you to:
• Qualify for participation in ALL products and services of CBI at a discounted price
• Recruit new members who will make up your team of eager “learners” who wants to improve their lifestyles by being equipped through the impartation of information, knowledge and access to all tools and equipment to do so
• Qualify for commissions generated on all those members whom you are responsible for, up to 10 levels deep
• Participate in the Level Bonuses based on your effectiveness of applying the skills and knowledge we train you with
• Participate in the overall production bonuses
• Participate in the Founder Bonuses
• Participate freely in the weekly educational webinars and training sessions
• Participate in all our rallies, public events and conferences at a discounted price.


To create 1 Million Millionaires by 2030

In order for you to become a Wealth Creator YOU MUST FIRST become a Member of the CBI Association. Ask your Wealth Creator to assist you to become one yourself, and he/she should be able to launch you on this exciting venture in becoming an entrepreneur determining your own destiny.