Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (Terms) define the rules and conditions according to which the CBI (cbi.com) and all its subsidiaries operate and it is a condition that must be accepted by the registered user or member (Participant) before any service will be rendered.
Using the services of CBI and all associate websites, the Participant agrees with all sections and parts of these Terms and also accepts and agrees to abide by the Terms.

General Information

Wherever the name CBI is used within these TERMS, it also include ALL SUBSIDIARIES and/or associate websites.
Any individual who has reached the age of consent under the laws of their country of residence can create an account at CBI and become a Participant. The onus rests upon the Participant to check the laws of their country about crypto trading, investments etc.
Each Participant has the right to register any number of accounts.
The services of CBI are only available to registered users.
Membership or payment of membership is NOT required to make use of the CBI or any of its subsidiaries servives.
CBI reserves the right to send the Participants notifications, messages and other information.
CBI only pays commision to fully paid-up members in accordance to the payment structures as defined on our website and on two levels only.
NO ONE other than a paid-up member is entitled to any commissions on any business and then only in line with the commission structure as defined by CBI. These commissions will only be paid into a WALLET as held on our CBI website.
Each Participant may at any time refuse to receive the mailings.

Investment Conditions

CBI ONLY accepts UHURU COINS (UHC) and BITCOINS (BTC) for any form or kind of transaction and in order to make any transaction with us, and CBI is prepared to lend these Crypto Coins to any member without any interest, subject thereto that sufficient surety is provided by the member who borrows such coins.
A deposit is credited to a Participant's wallet after receiving 3 confirmations on the Bitcoin network or provides surety by any other means specified and after such surety is confirmed.
CBI is NOT a FINANCIAL ADVISOR, neither does it invest funds on behalf of the Participant but rather, for its own account and undertakes to share the profits of the invested amount with the participant.
The Participant is fully aware that at times there may be NO PROFITS due to the effect of the markets and that CBI can in no way be held accountable for such unforeseen losses.
Should CBI or any specific platform not perform as expected with its investments, then the Participant will have no claim against CBI OR such PLATFORM for its initial investment amount or any other interest still outstanding, as all investments in Crypto Currencies are seen as highly volatile and speculative in nature.
The minimum amount of speculationt is the equivalent of USD 57.50 in CBI for a Fraxion.
Each Participant can make as many deposits and speculate in as many Fraxions as they wish.
All conditions are as stipulated on the website of cbi.com.
ALL commissions are ADDED to the investment amounts made by the Participant and is NEVER recoverable or paid back and is NOT part of the investment amount.
All investments within the CBI group is made exclusively on the website or platform of that particular vehicle used.
Direct transfers to the bank accounts of the CBI GROUP are not considered, nor treated as investments, as it is purely a surety to lend the participant either BTC or UHC.
Payments and bank transfers entered with incorrect information are rejected.


Possible technical problems on the CBI or any of the other websites do not affect the accrual of Participants' proceeds.
The proceeds accrued are credited exclusively to the internal balance of the Participant's account in the CBI system and can only be withdrawn according to the terms and conditions as stipulated within the system.

Affiliate program

ONLY paid-up members of Uhuru Tribe have the right to participate in the affiliate partner program and earn partner rewards.
CBI pays the MEMBER a partner Investment Reward IN ACCORDANCE with our Reward programme as stipulated elsewhere within the website.
CBI reserves the right to cancel all accrued partner rewards and to block the Participant's account if the partner reward was earned fraudulently, or with a violation of these Terms, or in any other way not provisioned by CBI.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Although most changes are likely to be minor, CBI may change its Terms and Conditions from time to time and at CBI's sole discretion. CBI encourages visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its T&C's. Your continued use of this site after any change in these T&Cs will constitute your acceptance of such changes.